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ACS Information EventArmy Community Service has a wealth of resources for Soldiers, Families, Reservists, Retirees, and DoD Civilians. The programs offered within are designed to enhance quality of life, promote resilience and self-reliance, and provide stability during war and peace. ACS offers a place to find the type of support needed for the enhancement of both individuals and Families.

Community Information Services (formerly known as Information and Referral) is your first stop for the information needed to start you on your journey of discovering what ACS and Fort Drum have to offer. Army Family Team Building educates on the Army way of life while the Army Volunteer Corps provides an opportunity for personal fulfillment through giving back to your community. The Family Advocacy, Employment Readiness, Financial Readiness and Army Emergency Relief programs assist with personal life issues to include family health and well-being, employment resources and assistance, and financial well-being. Relocation Readiness assists those transitioning in and out of Fort Drum while the Exceptional Family Member Program helps ensure those with special needs Family members know of available resources. Mobilization and Deployment educates and prepares Soldiers and Families for the rigors of the deployment cycle. Our Outreach team brings ACS programming into the community.

Unit Service Coordinators bring ACS Setvices to each unit based on their specific needs. Classes and briefings can be conducted at unit sites on any subject that is covered by ACS, including, but not limited to ACS overviews, financial classes, parenting deucation, relocation briefings, resilience training and much more. Please view the Fort Drum Army Community Service Guide for a list of classes and programming offered by ACS.

We invite you to visit and utilize the many services and opportunities provided to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed t face the challenges of military life.  Visit the individual program links provided to the right or call ACS for more information about these valuable resources.



Fort Drum Army Community Service Guide - Contained within is an abundance of information relating to Army Community Service's programs and services.


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Army One Source compiles important, credible and up-to-date information in a single location. Available 24 hours a day at www.myarmyonesource.com.

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