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Army Volunteer Corps

The Fort Drum Army Volunteer Corp seeks innovative ideas and processes to improve the quality of life at Fort Drum through the use of volunteer agencies. We offer quality volunteer work experiences in environments where volunteers are appreciated and valued.

Administrative, medical, mentoring, teaching and coaching are a few of the opportunities that are available. Many agencies have flexible schedules and some even reimburse you for childcare. You can volunteer for a day, an evening, for a one-time event or for ongoing activities for as long as you desire.

Why Volunteer?

* For the volunteer: Build your resume, contribute to the community, meet new people, share expertise, gain new skills and work experience, be challenged.

* For the community: Develop new programs, sustain programs, enrich the quality of life for Soldiers and their families, price and ownership.

* Recognition: Volunteer of the month, Installation Impact awards, national and agency awards.

Getting Started

To volunteer on Fort Drum, complete a volunteer registration packet, which includes Volunteer Agreement (DD Form 2793), and if you are under 18, the Parental Permission Form (DA Form 5671). Register online at www.myarmyonesource.com. To download an instructional brochure on the Volunteer Management Information System please go to: https://www.myarmyonesource.com/familyprogramsandservices/volunteering/vmis/vmishome.aspx

Each agency offers orientation and training. Training may include, first aid, office administration, tax preparation, train the trainer, coaching skills, etc. Volunteers may attend the volunteer manager/supervisor training as well.

The Volunteer Corps coordinator can help you to find an opportunity that
matches your interests or talents and assist you with the application process.

AVC 2015 Class Schedule

AVC Class Descriptions

* VMIS 101 - Volunteer Management Information System Basic Training

This class covers the use of VMIS, including registration, uploading positions in your organization, and input of monthly volunteer hours.

* Volunteer Administration Training

This class covers volunteer regulations, files, awards and the Volunteer Information Management System (VMIS).

Contact the AVCC for more information on class schedules.

AVC Documents and Forms

* Volunteer Management Information System Instructional Brochure

* DD Form 2793 (Volunteer Agreement)

Contact Information:

Army Volunteer Corps
Army Community Service

Conway Road,  Bldg. P-4330


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