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The Automotive SkillsCenter

A Community Recreation Division Facility


The Automotive Skills Center offers equipment and tools for authorized users caring for their own vehicles. Regular bays, vehicle lifts, paint booth, body bays, welding, machine shop, wheel balancing, engine overhaul bay, RV lift, lubrication bays, tire change, computer diagnosis, electrical system testing, towing service, lock-out service, starting service, and special tool.

Automotive Skills Center Price Sheet

Automotive Parts Store

Our well-stocked parts store offers a variety of frequently needed parts including oil, oil filter, bulbs and more.

Automotive Safety Orientation

Before using the Self-help areas of the Automotive Skills Center, a mandatory Orientation and Safety Class must be completed.

Orientation Class is held Tuesday through Friday at noon and 5:30 pm. This is open to ID card holders only and will introduce you to Auto Craft and how it operates they will introduce required safety rules.

Welding classes are offered monthly to teach fundamental repairs and equipment usage of each of the three primary welding types: Arc, Mig, and Gas. A small class fee is applicable. Call for dates and times or to make an appointment.

Car Washes

Two self-help car wash location are available on Fort Drum. Each location offers heated bays, vacuum cleaners and change machines for your convenience.

Open 24 hours a day - spring, summer, fall.

Due to weather conditions the hours of operation are lessened during the winter months. Call 772-5785 for winter hours of operation.

Car Wash FacilityFirst Street Car Wash offers three self-service bays.

Enduring Freedom Drive Car Wash is located on the corner of South Riva Ridge Loop and Enduring Freedom Drive, offering a fully automated bay, five wand bays, one outside RV bay, and rug and upholstery cleaning equipment.


Propane Service

Propane tanks can be filled if tanks meet the applicable safety requirements. The center reserves the right to refuse filling tanks that do not comply.

Self Help Center

Self Help BaysThe Family and MWR Automotive Skills Center offers self help regular bays, vehicle lifts, paint booth, body bays, welding, machine shop, wheel balancing, engine overhaul bay, a RV lift, lubrication bays, tire changes and balancing, computer diagnosis, electrical systems testing, and special tools. Orientation and or welding class is required to use facility.

Wrecker Service

On and off-post towing to/from Family housing is available. Off-post cost is determined by distance. Jump Starts and Lockout Service is also available on post.

Contact Information:
Automotive Skills Center
Iraqi Freedom Drive, Bldg. P-11120


Community Recreation Division

Magrath Sports Complex Bldg. P-10050



The Hours of Operation for each facility are listed on the Directory page.



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