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Deployment is a fact of life in the modern military. MWR at Fort Drum works hard to support Soldiers and their Families as they experience deployment at every stage.










Army Community Service programs such as Operation READY, Army Family Team Building, Financial Readiness, Community Life and Family Advocacy work hard to provide Soldiers and Family members with the tools and resources needed.

Unit Family Readiness Groups and the Division Chaplin's Office are additional resources, offering classes and support to Family members.

 Military One Source website offers a variety of support and informational services via web and toll free telephone service 24 hours a day.

 www.militaryonesource.com  User ID: army Password: onesource


Redeployment CeremonyIn addition to programs, classes, and resource support, the Army Community Service building houses the Family Readiness Center (FRC).
The FRC offers a place for Family members to gather for meetings and classes, as well as a place to go to relax and find the company and support of other spouses experiencing deployment.

The FRC also offers internet stations, and Video Teleconferencing rooms to make communicating with deployed Soldiers easier.

Deployment CeremonyA Family Readiness Group Assistance Program office is also located adjacent to the FRC.

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Army Community Service

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Family Readiness Center
Army Community Service

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