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Parents as Teachers understands the unique lifestyle of Military Families.

We want to help you be your child’s first and most important hero and teacher.


Army Child, Youth and School Services has partnered with the National Center for Parents as Teachers.  The Parent as Teachers organization has created the Heroes At Home program designed to help support Military Families with young children. 

Recently Fort Drum CYS Services personnel along with two PAT educators traveled to PAT headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.  They participated in an intense eight day training receiving the information and resources needed to implement the Heroes at Home program at Fort Drum. 

The Parents as Teachers - Heroes At Home program offers developmental information and support to parents who are expecting or have children 0-30 months.  The goal of the program is to help parents give their child the best possible start to life, emphasizing that they are their child’s first and best teacher. 

The PAT - Heroes At Home program consists of :

  • Monthly Personal Visits
    Provide developmental/ parenting information
    Address parental issues and concerns

  • Group Meetings
    􀂐 Monthly parent information meetings
    􀂐 Monthly parent-child playgroups

  • Annual Screenings
    􀂐 Provide overall developmental screenings
    􀂐 Screening of child’s health, vision, and

  • Resource Network
    􀂐 Link Families to community resources
    􀂐 Provide referrals to other services as

 Families who would like to participate in the program need to register with CYS Services and request enrollment in the PAT Heroes at Home program. Registration and enrollment are free.  For more information call 772-0537.

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